When we talk about the Spirit we can often get caught up in the various things the church and the bible say about the Spirit and miss some significant aspects of the Spirit that are applicable to our everyday lives.


Without a doubt, we should be exercising the Gifts of the Spirit in our daily lives and our lives should definitely exhibit the Fruit of Spirit, but there is another facet too: we should be experiencing the Holy Spirit in our everyday! By this I am referring to the fact that many of us are journeying in our lives without giving much consideration to the Presence of the Spirit in our day by day. 


For some of us, Sunday Services are the only time in which we connect with the Spirit. However, as Jesus said when He taught us to pray “...give us each day our daily bread...” [Lk. 11:3], we need regular spiritual feeding. While traditionally this passage has been quoted to encourage Christians to daily devotions or bible study –

in this study we will look at another facet of our daily bread. That is; that we can experience God in many different ways in our daily lives.


We might see something that could speak to our lives in a profound way, or we might hear a word of encouragement or correction that could have a significant impact in our lives. But how

do we know that what we are experiencing is of the Lord? This is

where we need to know what the Bible says about the senses and

understanding our world through Spiritual senses.