Kids Camp Out 2015

HCUC at KCO! What a great event this was and it was wonderful to see 1,000+ kids all playing, having fun and learning about Jesus.

HCUC is on the green team, which meant we got to do the 'Play' activities first. Our kids were so excited to go on jumpin castles, walking stilts and throwing wet sponges at each other!

Then we went to 'Explore' where we found out about what the Uniting Church was doing in mission, watched a puppett show and listened to some original christian kids music.

Lastly we went to 'Create' where our kids decorated cookies, made wooden boats and beaded necklaces. In between these activities we had times for reflection and breaks to have meals... and coffee for the adults!

Unfortunately, I had to leave before it was too late on the first night, but our kids and Kids Zone teachers stayed on for the second day which they tell me was great!

I'm not sure how they're coping now, I was sore on Sunday after chasing after the kids around the campsite, but so happy that my kids got to spend this time with other UCA kids and experience faith in such a special way.

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