'I AM' The Bread of Life

Bible Reading: John 6:25-51

This month we're exploring the 'I AM' Sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John, starting with 'I AM' the Bread of Life for our Communion Service. There is so much that we can say about this passage, Jesus has just fed the 5,000 and they come asking for more bread. One thing I love about this passage is the fact that we see Christ’s followers are also confused by His response. I think even today, Christ’s followers struggle with questions such as this.

After all, could He have just made the bread and make the people happy? This is the kind of thinking that can get us into a lot of trouble as Christians, the idea that just because God can do something, He should… What about where there is great need? Or where God’s action can effect for great good!

Are those the kinds of circumstances where God should act?

Perhaps the problem is not with God but with us… by that I don’t mean us personally, but the collective us, humanity. Jesus did not want to create bread for the crowd; rather He wanted them to accept the bread that He was offering freely, the Bread of Salvation! But this bread, while offered freely, comes at a cost to the receiver - while God has already done the work for our Salvation in sending Christ to the cross, we feel there is a cost to us; the cost of giving up our self-oriented existence, acknowledging that we are sinners and reconciling ourselves to God in our lives through our actions and words.

Therefore, we should be prepared to take the Bread of Life, in the Spirit in which it is given; a sacrifice in every aspect of the word… God’s Son who died for our sins on the cross and the gift of a life with God, rather than away from Him! If more people were to receive this gift and walk as He intends us to walk, then we wouldn’t be asking the question ‘should God act?’, we will be asking ‘what should I do?’

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