'More than Conquerors' - Romans Sermon Series

Romans 8:37-39 is one of my favourite passages in Scripture, these verses remind us that nothing can keep us from the love of Christ through Jesus Christ!

This passage begins with the verse that says “we are more than conquerors”, the Greek word Paul uses here is ὑπερνικάω – hypernikao. This is a composite of the word hyper or ‘over’ and niko – this word is written with the Greek letter nu, which looks like a ‘v’. For this reason when Latin speakers came across this word they misread it as ‘viko’ from which comes the word ‘victor’.

So hypernikao actually means ‘over-victor’ and this is a great statement of the victory we have in Christ Jesus! Because Jesus; in His dying on the cross, effectively took death and sin and defeated them. This means that we are not simply victors over death – because a victor might have a victory over an enemy once but that enemy might come again and again and the victor may not be able to defeat that enemy.

But in Christ Jesus, there is no chance that the enemy can have the victory! Death and sin, as it reigned over humanity before the Cross; will never again reign like that. Its previous victory was in separating us from God, but its defeat is in that Jesus has made the way for us to come to the presence of God and never be turned back again.

This is the real #LoveWins scenario, not the love of a person for another person, but the love of God desiring to reconcile Himself to Creation and winning the ultimate victory through Christ’s Sacrifice on the Cross. But Paul does not call God the hypernikao, nor Jesus – rather we are! For the greatest benefit in this victory is for us in that we can now come to the Father unhindered by the separating effects of sin and death!

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