'Beautiful are the Feet' - Romans Sermon Series

This verse was one of the passages that led to me answering the call to ministry: “…how can anyone preach unless they are sent?”

In my formation, this became a litmus test for my call to ministry. I can get up and preach a good message, but how can I ethically commit to a life of witness unless firstly confirming that I have been sent? This is also a challenge in that there are many times when we don’t feel sent… times when we don’t want to share our faith, times when we don’t really care if people know we are Christians… or even times when we hide it.

And we might have some really great reasons, but ultimately we are making a statement about our faith in this. If we believe our faith is sufficient for our own salvation, then why do we suddenly get shy when we consider what faith can do for others too? Perhaps we think that when people reject our faith, they are rejecting us… perhaps we are more worried about what others think of us as people than what they think of us as Christians. What if we’re thinking about this all the wrong way… what if when people know us as capable, funny, logical, relational individuals they share a space with- we should consider that maybe it might mean that capable, funny, logical, relational individuals can be Christians!

That maybe normal people can be Christians… and that is a great witness! We can scream from the rooftops until we are hoarse ‘Jesus is Lord!’ but after a while this would just become noise… if we exemplify Jesus in our lives, people will see the presence of Jesus in our lives… we will be a witness by what we do – this is the kind of preaching I would encourage all Christians to do!

This is a response to being called, a calling to be Christians! This is part of the reality of being a people sent to witness the reality of Jesus Christ.

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